In the Buff: The Most Versatile Running Headwear

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With cooler weather around the corner, we’re starting to look for creative ways to stay cozy on our runs. Hats and beanies will always have a special place in our hearts, but recently we’ve been running in the Buff.

Um… what? The temps drop and we say ‘forget clothes’? Not quite. The ‘Buff’ is perhaps the most versatile piece of running headwear on the market. It has an incredibly simple design (it’s basically a long tube of stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric), but it can morph into nearly any type of headwear you can imagine.

This little powerhouse accessory even comes in a High UV Protection version. There are at least 12 ways to wear it: from balaclava to headband to neck gaiter, the Buff will have you covered. Check out our complete Buff collection so you can try out the above styles yourself.

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