How To Choose a Running Hat

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A running hat is a versatile run accessory to keep in your arsenal, and it can serve a range of functions from offering sun protection to giving you a little extra warmth. Keep these characteristics in mind when shopping for a running hat.


Look for a hat that has superior adjustability, like The North Face Better Than Naked Hat. If your head is on the larger side, try the Brooks Hat, and if you have a smaller head check out the Salomon XT Compact Cap II.


As temps start to heat up, you’ll want a cap with excellent ventilation. The ultra-lightweight fabric and laser cut rear ventilation of the Nike Lightweight Ventilated Run Featherlight Cap will help keep you cool in extreme heat. If you’d prefer to wear a mesh running hat, then take a look at the Brooks Mesh Run Cap, which offers great ventilation through an open mesh construction.



Add a little extra reflectivity to your run with a hi-viz running cap. A hat is a great place to incorporate reflectivity because it’s high up on your body and is easily seen by motorists. The Sugoi RSr Mesh Cap boasts a bold stripe of reflectivity on the right side and reflective piping around the brim and bottom to enhance your visibility.


Moisture Transfer

To avoid the humid, swampy feeling of a poorly designed hat, look for a running cap with fast moisture transfer. A hat like the Saucony Vital Run Cap pulls sweat away from your skin with a sweatband-like liner, and offers a mesh construction that allows perspiration to evaporate more easily.

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