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Running on the road in the dark is treacherous. You have to get your miles in, but it’s a challenge when there are dozens of cars on the road (are they trying to hit you?!), not to mention those cyclists screeching toward you with their oh-so-bright lights, blinding you as you run. There are cracks in the road and spiderwebs hanging from the trees and… it’s a dangerous world out there for you, nighttime runner.

Thankfully, you have some options that will allow you to hit the sidewalks safely during the long dark hours ahead of you this fall and winter. Here are a few of our favorite high visibility accessories that can become your favorite too.

Favorite Headlamp | Nathan Halo Firesr-nightphl__dsf8861_edit

Talk about a do-everything runners headlamp! Nathan designed this light specifically for runners, and we love all the runner-specific features. It boasts a reflective band (a halo of reflectivity…get it?), an Auto-strobe sensor that strobes when it senses a car light coming toward you, RunWave technology that allows you to change the light setting with a wave of the hand, to name a few features. Not to mention it’s comfortable with no annoying bouncing. With 240 lumens of light on the high setting, this lamp offers plenty of light for the road ahead.

Favorite Safety Light | Nathan LightBender RX and Amphipod Vizlet LED Reflectors

nathan-navigation-ledlightsYes, a tie. We love the unique functionality of the Nathan LightBender. While fastening it to your leg or arm may take a little getting used to, the high degree of visibility, plus the option of three different light colors (red, green, and blue) gives this product a lot of versatility. Oh and did we mention it’s rechargeable?!

Arguably the most universally owned item among the staff here at Running Warehouse is the Amphipod Vizlet LED Reflector. Small and lightweight, you forget you’re wearing it practically instantly. The ultra-bright flashing light is attention-grabbing for those coming towards you, and the magnetic clip allows you to fasten it to your clothing, just about anywhere.

Favorite Vest | Amphipod Full Visibility Reflective Vest

amphiodrefvestOk, we get it. You don’t want to look like you’re parking cars at the airport. But, safety first, right? This vest is all you need to make sure you’re seen from every angle. Run easy knowing that this ultra-reflective vest gives you 360° of reflectivity, but is still lightweight and comfortable. We also love the large pocket in the front, large enough to store gloves, a beanie, your phone, keys, or other essentials comfortably. This vest has a loose fit, so keep in mind that the more you load it up, the more you might notice some bounce.

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