Hair Solutions for Your Run: The Nike Running Scrunchie

Scrunchies. A staple of the 90s kid. A popping workout accessory in the 80s. What your childhood bathroom drawer is probably still full of (sorry parents!). The scrunchie rose to infamy fame for mostly fashionable reasons. But much like all things fashion related, scrunchies were in, and then, they were out.

The iconic hair accessory we all love to hate is having a comeback, ladies and gents, and in a rather unexpected way. Long haired runners of the world, take notice – the scrunchie might just be the solution to your running hair woes. #ReviveTheScrunchie

I asked several long haired runners here at Running Warehouse how they felt about their experiences while running with the Nike Gathered Hair Tie. Here’s the low-down.

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Secure hold

It’s hard to find a hair tie that will hold your hair securely in place along your run, and you might not think that a scrunchie style would be up to the task. BUT IT IS. Oh, how it is. These Nike scrunchies have a surprisingly great grip, making them ideal for those of us with fine, slippery hair who have always had trouble finding hair ties that will stay in place as we run.

No pinch

If I had a nickle for every time a hair tie made me feel like it was ripping out my dear sweet little follicles, one by one, I would be a rich woman and able to buy as many running scrunchies as my heart desires. Because the Nike Gathered Hair Tie doesn’t cause that pinching pain.

Less tangle

Those of us with hair that easily tangles know this struggle all too well. You start your run with a perfect ponytail, and end with a rat’s nest attached to your hair band. Not so with the Nike Gathered Hair Tie! Even in the rain, these scrunchies help keep your hair sorted as you run. With a secure, even hold, your hair is held in place and will be less apt to tangle.

Less damage

We’ve all been told that those elastic rubber bands we put in our hair can cause damage and hair breakage. But what is an active girl (or guy) to do?! We certainly can’t be expected to run with our hair down every day. Scrunchies are made with material that provides a more cushioned hold, sparing your hair the damage – much to the relief of daily ponytail wearers everywhere.

Harder to lose

The daily hunt for a hair tie seems to never go away. You search high, low, and everywhere in between for the only elastic hair tie you own (the other 49 from the 50 pack you just purchased are all similarly lost somewhere in the land between your sofa cushions and the Twilight Zone). Thankfully, the Nike Gathered Hair Tie stands out, and is much harder to misplace. Plus, chances are you’ll be wearing one 24/7, and thus the hunt will never be necessary.

Concluding statements?

“I never thought I’d be a scrunchie runner. But apparently I am.”

“Once you go scrunchie, you never go back.”

Enough said. But don’t take our word for it. Try them out yourself and see what you’re missing!

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