Hair Management Solutions for Running

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Long hair, don’t care. Except, I do care… when I’m running and my hair is all up in my grill. The struggle is real, folks. It is enough to drive a girl crazy, am I right?! And I don’t mean to limit this to just the ladies with long locks – dudes with terrific tresses are right there with us, too. When you’re on a run, you need your hair to be up and away. Managed. Straight up – it shouldn’t be on your mind as you work hard at running your best.

Here are a few hair management solutions that may help solve your running hair issues.


UV_half_buff_1Buffs are the Swiss Army Knives of the hair management world. With over 12 ways to wear them, using a Buff on the run is great because it offers a number of options for hair management. Headband, cap, scrunchy, do rag, hairband… whatever your pleasure. Some Buffs come with UV protection built in to help block out the sun’s harmful rays, and the lightweight fabric allows for excellent breathability and comfort next-to-skin. With moisture wicking fabric, Buffs also aid in moisture-management, and work great for wiping away sweat. The UV Half Buff comes in some seriously poppin’ prints for your styling pleasure, and though it is smaller (with arguably less ways to use it), it still provides some great options for keeping your hair out of your face on the run.


craft_cool_mesh_superlight_headbandHeadbands are great because they are fairly versatile. Wear them with your hair braided, bunned, or ponied; high pony, low pony, two ponies, or if your hair is short enough to be worn down; a headband will work with any of these situations. Headbands hold those annoying little whispies back from your face, and help channel your hair back and away and off the nape of your neck. It’s important when buying a headband to consider a few things. It should fit snugly to your head and not slide up while you run, while also not squeezing your head so hard that it induces a headache. You should also take into consideration the season you’re running in. A thermal headband might hold your hair in place perfectly, but in the summer months may cause you to overheat. Since it’s almost summer now, we’re digging the Craft Cool Mesh Superlight Headband.


nike_printed_headbands_assortedElastic hairbands are designed to hold your hair back from your face securely and with a minimal profile. This is my personal preference, as most other headband/hat options heat me up too much on the run. My challenge? Finding an elastic band that holds up. I hate having a band that stretches out almost immediately, or slides off my head easily. It’s the ultimate betrayal. The Nike Printed Headbands have a silicone stripe that helps grip to your hair and prevents that annoying slippage. It’s also made with high quality elastic that will maintain it’s stretch for many runs.


No matter the length of your hair, hats provide hair management with an added bonus of sun protection. Since hats cover your head, you get more protection from the sun and the shade helps to keep you cool. Many hats provide hair management with a hole for your pony tail or braid to fit through in the back. Ladies who are looking for something fresh and stylish, the Saucony Women’s Freedom Cap is ultra lightweight and constructed with mesh to keep you feeling airy and dry, and your hair under control. For chicks or dudes looking for a hat to pull the reins in on their flowing locks, the Brooks Run Thru Hat provides a great unisex hat for hair management.


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