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Available September 2015 – MSRP $175 and with HRM $200

Garmin is at it again! With the introduction of the Forerunner 225 (FR225) this summer, Garmin has already begun garnering an enthusiastic audience for their quasi-new releases. I say ‘quasi’ because these new products are essentially an existing watch, plus. The FR225 is the ever-popular FR220 plus optical heart rate. Similarly, as the update to the Forerunner 15 (FR15), the Forerunner 25 (FR25) is essentially the FR15 plus Bluetooth connectivity and an improved aesthetic.

Nevertheless, we are pretty excited about the functionality offered in this compact, user-friendly product. Still a simple GPS distance and pace tracking device at its core, the Forerunner 25 builds on the short legacy of the Forerunner 15, which featured basic GPS watch functions with the addition of heart rate monitor compatibility. Now, at a relatively low price point, the FR25 offers many of the connected features found on higher-end products, such as the Forerunner 920XT and the Forerunner 620, but without some of the more complicated bells and whistles. Garmin is taking the simple function of the 15 and adding live tracking, call and text notification, calendar alerts, and social media sharing when connected with a compatible device using Bluetooth wireless technology.

Also, the inclusion of Bluetooth technology allows the user to wirelessly upload data to Garmin connect, giving practically instant access to much more data than is available on the workout review screen on the watch. For the runner looking for on-the-go connectivity, these features will certainly up the convenience factor of a simple running watch.

The other major update in this watch is in the design of the watch itself. While at first glance the FR15 and FR25 might look the same, Garmin updated the unit to be slightly slimmer overall, as well as having a larger usable screen without making the footprint of the watch any larger. This increased the screen by 32%, making the numbers and data easier to read at a glance.

Now, at heart, the Forerunner 25 is practically the same as the FR 15 in terms of functionality. The unit will still feature an activity tracker, heart rate data, sleep tracking, different run modes, etc. Ultimately, this watch falls perfectly within the Garmin line-up as a great solution for the dedicated runner looking for a simple unit to track run data and also function as an activity tracker.

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