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Is this what you’ve been waiting for? I know that many of you, like us running nerds here at the ‘House, were extremely excited to see Garmin’s announcement of its first GPS watch with a built-in, optical heart rate monitor. While the technology has shown up in a few other GPS running watches on the market, Garmin’s foray into this industry segment will likely be well-received by it’s passionate fan base.

HRM2Why are we excited about this watch? It would be easy to say the optical sensor is our favorite addition but that doesn’t give the full picture. While the implementation of the wrist sensor is the most note-worthy feature, we love the functionality of the whole device, plain and simple. Think of this product as the user-friendly, fitness version of the Forerunner 220. It has all the functionality of the easy-to-use 220, but without requiring a heart rate strap, which can deter many runners from using the heart rate feature. Also, the display of this watch uses colorful graphics and simple display information to communicate helpful heart rate date with only a glance at the watch screen.

Activity information elevates the functionality of this watch from simple HRMtraining partner to life partner. The 225 records and relays accurate calorie count, steps, activity goals, resting heart rate, and many other details in real-time, combining the best of the fitness segment with the best of running functionality. We are also confident about the accuracy of the heart rate data, as the watch uses Mio Heart Rate Technology, which has proven remarkably accurate.

We are also excited about the shape of the watch. The 225 is rather slim, and will fit a number of wrist sizes due to the hinged strap also found in the 220 and 620.

For more information or to shop for the Garmin Forerunner 225, please visit our product page at Running Warehouse.


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