Fall Running Hats | Buying Guide 2017

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As the Northern Hemisphere’s summer comes to a close, the sun begins its spiraling descent toward the winter solstice. Rolling closer and closer to the southern horizon, warming overhead rays angle themselves beneath your sagittal crest and scorch your tender retinae. To amplify this discomfort, the residual heat of summer pools sweat upon your brow that proceeds to slip slowly into your already burning eyes like some sadistic eye drop.

Relief can only be found by fiercely closing your eyes against the evil that torments them, and while there is comfort in the oblivion of the darkness, 9/10 doctors agree that running with your eyes shut is only recommendable after extensive practice. Why, you ask? Well, the dog’s leash that is stretched across the sidewalk in front of you seems like a good one to begin with. To avoid sprawling in front of Mrs. Jefferson and the impish Fluffy, you might consider wearing a hat on your next autumn afternoon run. More specifically, you might consider one of the five great options below for their above-and-beyond performance.

Performance Running Hats

adidas Men’s adiZero Extra Cap Reflective – MSRP $26.00

Classic yet cutting-edge, this cap takes a traditional design and gives it reflective pops for safety at all hours. Mesh paneling and targeted perforations add excellent ventilation, while the sweatband and hook-and-loop closure at the rear disperse moisture and deliver an adjustable hold.

Ciele GOCap Night Right – MSRP $45.00

New to Running Warehouse, Ciele creates caps that mix bold patterns with professional-level performance. Moisture-dispersing, UPF 40 material keeps you safe in the daylight while reflective detailing on all sides keeps you safe from the nightlife.

The North Face Women’s Breakaway Hat – MSRP $22.00

Much like the exterior of a cumulonimbus cloud belies the power of the lightning within, behind this hat’s unimposing visage lies a laundry list of technical properties that can make the difference between a sweaty slog and a joyful jog. Quick-drying mesh, a hook-and-loop closure, and UPF 30 material are all packed into this seemingly simple hat.

Performance Truckers

Headsweats 5-Panel Trucker Hat – MSRP $26.00

Headsweats is known for pushing the frontier of trucker designs, and this summer’s models do not disappoint. For run-specific technology and a look you’ll want to wear all day every day, you can’t go wrong with a Headsweats 5-Panel Trucker.


Patagonia Duckbill Trucker Hat – MSRP $35.00

You wouldn’t tell someone that Morgan Freeman can’t act just because he’s no longer new to the game. To do so would be a most heinous transgression. Similarly, just because the Patagonia Duckbill Trucker has been around the block, that doesn’t mean that this stalwart sweat warden is any less of a training necessity.

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