Eligo: Smart Hydration & Electrolyte Solutions for Your Run


Finally, it is your favorite time of week – time for your long run, and you’re prepared. You’ve checked off your list: socks, shoes, techy running outfit, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, Buff, hydration pack, nutrition… you’re set.

What’s in your hydration pack? Most likely water or an electrolyte drink mix to keep you hydrated during your run. But what if you could have both with only one reservoir in your pack? Water and also an electrolyte mix available to allow your body to stay hydrated?

Yes, please. Enter Eligo (pronounced EL-iH-GO, Latin for “to choose”), a hydration solution that is going to make taking fluids on your long run so much more simple.

Dehydration is a serious issue that many runners face, and since your fluid requirements (water vs. water with electrolytes) vary with different stages of your run, you run the risk (pun intended) of hitting the wall if you do not consume the proper amount or type of fluid. Long runs are particularly difficult to properly hydrate for, because if you don’t consume enough electrolytes, you’re bound to find yourself fatiguing sooner.

Eligo allows you to select between the options of water and an electrolyte performance fluid. There are two components within the Eligo hydration system: the spile and the cartridge. The spile replaces your hose and has a special valve that allows you to switch between water and electrolyte fluid. The cartridge contains the electrolyte fluid and attaches to the spile. (See the video below for further explanation.) With the Eligo Spile “Smart Hydration” technology, the user can easily select which fluids they want to consume while remaining hands-free. Most hydration pack reservoirs are compatible with the Eligo system. Each Eligo cartridge delivers key electrolytes (Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium) and is usable with 1 liter of water.

“An amazing, possibly even elegant way, to choose between your specific hydration needs at any time and during any activity. You can choose it to enhance your recreation. You can choose it to dominate your competition. But either way, the choice is yours.”
– Eligo

How To Use Eligo

Watch this short video and learn how easy it is to use Eligo and integrate it into your hydration routine.

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