Customize Your Run with Amphipod

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Do What You Wanna Do with the Amphipod Customize Your Run Belt

A fully customizable running belt? With attachments for nearly every on-the-run need? This might be even better than MacGyver’s Swiss Army Knife and duct tape.

Amphipod set a new PR with their “Customize_Your_Run” belt series, which allows you to choose the hydration and storage products that are right for you, and attach them to the Amphipod RunLite AirStretch Belt. From SnapFlasks to Reflective Race Number Tabs, the range of products available will equip you for your adventures on the trails, roads or race day.

Which products can you mix and match?

First off, you need the belt itself, onto which you can attach all of your other accoutrements.

Amphipod RunLite AirStretch Belt

Hydration Attachments

Amphipod SnapFlask 10.5 oz. Module 2-Pack

Amphipod SnapFlask 8 oz Module 2-Pack

Pouch Attachments

Amphipod Ballistic Endurance Pouch

Amphipod Rapid Access Pouch Large

Amphipod Rapid Access Pouch Small

Amphipod BeltPod SmartView Pouch

Other Attachments

Amphipod SnapGel 4 oz Module

Amphipod SnapPod Endurance Module

Amphipod Reflective Race Number Tabs

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