Contest: Win a Free Pair of Balega Silver Socks

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The complexities of heavy metals can be difficult to understand at times. Which is truly better, gold or platinum? What makes mercury such a villain? Why shouldn’t I eat lead? However, one seemingly undeniable truth is that gold trumps silver. Every four years the Olympic games provide international validation of the “gold standard”.

Psychological studies have even gone so far as to test and verify the idea that the person who receives silver is the most disappointed individual on a podium, i.e. silver can be worse than bronze when it comes to the psyche. Which leads to the question, why on earth has Balega released a new Silver sock instead of a Gold, Platinum, or even Bronze sock?

The answer is science. Silver socks incorporate encapsulated silver ions to give the socks lasting antibacterial, and therefore anti-stankfoot, performance. Top that off with the new compressive arch band that delivers the most secure fit without compromised circulation in a Balega No Show sock and you’ve got a foot suit to top all foot suits. To inaccurately paraphrase Jemaine of Flight of the Conchords, “(Balega Silver Socks) you got it going on!”

As a personal aside, these socks passed my “Wear All Day at Work and then Run 10 Miles Test” with flying colors. Standard running socks generally come out of that test like cheese out of a hot car, but the Balega Silver came out with only the faintest odor of sweaty foot. Additionally, the compressive arch band performed as advertised with a snug, no-slip fit and no discomfort or pinching.

For those of you who are firm believers in the scientific method and insist on personally peer reviewing such claims, you’re in luck! We’ve got 4 pairs of Silver socks to give away so that you can test the new technology and design for yourself!

Enter the Contest

To enter, please share a brief reason or circumstance in which getting the silver, or second, is better than getting the gold, or first. The winners will be selected by the secret council of Running Warehouse. Creativity and humor are encouraged!

CONTEST CLOSED. Thank you for your participation!

Will has been running competitively since high school, and is currently running with the HOKA Aggies, a post-collegiate club here on the central coast of California. With a preference for the humorous and the verbose, he enjoys playing the wordsmith almost as much as his daily runs.

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