Black Diamond Headlamp Guide | Fall 2016

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juli_bd_headlampIs it time to start thinking about a headlamp? We know that shopping for headlamps can be an arduous task, so we are here to help sort out the current options from Black Diamond.

Black Diamond recently updated most of their headlamps to include a more aerodynamic and comfortable housing, and they made some technical changes as well. Here’s the rundown of which Black Diamond headlamp is best for you.

Best Battery Life |Black Diamond Icon

Ultra-distance runners and those running in the dead of night will appreciate the brightness and battery life of the Icon.


If you are running long in the dark (all night, even), this is the Black Diamond for you. This headlamp offers 75 hours of burn time, making it the longest battery life of these options. And at 320 lumens, it is bright enough to light the path about 100 meters in front of you. Don’t be put off by the apparent bulk of the design. This headlamp balances easily on your head and the battery pack in the back is barely noticeable on the run.

Best for Rainy Runs | Black Diamond Storm

Runners threatened by extreme weather will love the waterproof and dust proof aspects of the Black Diamond Storm.


Rated at IP67, the Storm is completely waterproof and dust proof. This rating means it will still work while fully immersed in water for up to 30 minutes, and you won’t have to do any maintenance after it’s submerged. In fact, we’ve heard that you can actually change the batteries on this headlamp during a downpour and it will still work fine! This headlamp also offers technology that recirculates heat back through the housing to keep it warm during very cold runs. It has 250 lumens to light your path for up to 80m ahead.

Best All-Around | Black Diamond Spot

If you are looking for a reliable and bright headlamp for a range of running conditions, the Black Diamond Spot is for you.

spotThe Black Diamond Spot is a best seller for a reason. This headlamp will put out enough light to light your path 80m ahead; with 200 lumens it is more than adequate for your run. It offers Power Tap, which allows you to change the brightness of the light by simply tapping the headlamp housing.

The Spot is also rated as waterproof. The difference between the Spot and the Storm is that the Spot will continue to work when it gets wet, but you need to open up the housing and remove the batteries to dry the compartment out after it is submerged.

Best Bang for your Buck | Black Diamond Cosmo

For road runners looking for lighting for a few hours, the Black Diamond Cosmo is the way to go.

With 160 lumens, the Cosmo will give youcosmo light for about 60 meters and lasts for up to 50 hours. At only $30, this is a great entry point for running with a headlamp. If you are running really technical trails, you’ll need more light, but for road runners, 160 lumens is more than adequate.


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