Run in Your Asics…Sport Watch?

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Millions of runners trust their feet to Asics for comfort, durability and performance. The company continues to be a technology leader in the footwear category, and its innovations have extended to running apparel and accessories as well.

Now it’s time (bonus points for a bad pun, anyone?) to add running watches to the list of Asics product innovations. Partnering with Seiko, a well-recognized name in wristwatches, Asics developed two run-specific watch models, giving us a third brand of sport watches for our customers to choose from (in addition to Timex and Soleus).

Asics Seiko Race Watch Large

Asics Seiko Race Watch – $80.00
Can you say 500 lap memory, boys and girls? That’s a whole lotta data storage. And with the watch’s flash permanent memory, your information is saved even after a battery change. Speaking of batteries, you should get about 3 years of life out of the battery in this watch. And you can be confident about the watch’s reliability and performance, thanks to the Seiko “guts” that control the watch’s functions.

Other highlights:

  • Available in Medium and Large Sizes
  • Oversized, Customizable Display
  • Records Best and Average Lap Times
  • Programmable Target Lap Time with Goal Alert
  • Run Recall and Ability to Custom Name Runs
  • Hinged Strap for Better Fit and Comfort
  • Easy Touch Button Design
  • 50 Meter Water Resistance

Asics Seiko Challenge Watch – $100.00

Asics Seiko Challenge Watch Medium

How ’bout those colors, right? But color is certainly not the main story here. Asics took the features of the Race Watch and added a little extra durability, in the form of a more robust watch case design and an aluminum bezel. They also doubled the water resistance (to 100 meters). The highly asymmetrical design is meant to save weight in the watchband while allowing for an easily readable display that doesn’t interfere with wrist movement.

Like the Race Watch, this model is available in several colors in both Medium and Large sizes (you’ll have to go Medium if you want the rainbow color on your wrist). It also includes all the features highlighted above for the Race Watch. Either model you choose, you’ll have a trusted partner to help you make the most of your training workouts and race days.

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