Announcing the Ultimate Direction Jurek FKT Vest

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We’ve all been there. You love your __________ (insert favorite running product: shoes, socks, whatever) and then they go and ‘update’ it and you no longer love it. Sure, someone does, but it’s not you. We heard this story several times when Ultimate Direction updated their immensely popular SJ Ultra Vest 2.0 to a sleeker, softer, but very different, design. Not all who loved the 2.0 pack love the 3.0. In most cases of product updates, that’s where the story would end.

But Ultimate Direction listens to their customers, and it’s proven with the release of the Jurek FKT Vest.

The FKT Vest is the fine-tuned, slightly upgraded version of the SJ Ultra Vest 2.0. Your pack is back! (And if you love the SJ Ultra Vest 3.0, don’t worry, your pack isn’t going anywhere).

There are really only two slight changes from the SJ Ultra Vest 2.0:

  1. Updated Bottles

Still featuring the hard bottle construction, Ultimate Direction tweaked the shape of the bottles to be more ergonomic and fit well with a wider variety of runners. Slightly flattened on two sides, they each hold 20oz of water, which is only 2 oz less than the SJ Ultra Vest 2.0 bottles. The bottles also feature an angled cap with push/pull design for easier access on-the-run.

  1. Updated Pack Shape

Higher capacity (11.6L instead of 7L), the same weight, and essentially the same dimensions mean this pack will fit very similarly to its predecessor but carry more gear.

And that’s it! Otherwise, it’s the same Scott Jurek-inspired SJ Ultra Vest 2.0. Oh, but it does come in some fresh new colors.

Shop for the Jurek FKT Vest

Shop for the SJ Ultra Vest 3.0

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