Apparel Spotlight: Zoot Men’s Wind Swell+ Jacket

Everyone needs a go-to running jacket. Zoot is taking that go-to running jacket and turning it up a notch.

What technical features does this jacket provide?

  • zoot_m_wind_swell_jktBreathability, because running generates a lot of body heat, and perspiration can make you feel “sticky” under layers.
  • Weather protection, because weather is unpredictable, especially in the fall and winter months. The DWR coating provides water-resistance, perfect for mist or light rain.
  • Storage, because chances are you’ll be carrying some things with you (nutrition, media device, keys), and it’s safest to be hands-free. With two zippered hand pockets in front and one zippered pocket in back, you’ll find more than enough space for your essentials.
  • Ventilation, because a little air flow will help you stay a comfortable temperature, and also aid in the evaporation of your sweat. Vents at the back of this jacket do the trick.
  • Super lightweight construction, because bulky is uncomfortable. Added bonus? It packs away into the back pocket, just in case you need to ditch a layer mid-run.
  • Freedom of movement, because you should be concentrating on your run, not on your stiff, ill-fitting jacket
  • Visibility, because being seen keeps you safe. A reflective tape lines the front zipper, and reflective branding adds little hints of light for added safety.

What makes this jacket different?

The Zoot Men’s Wind Swell+ Jacket provides you with all of these factors, with an added style that we have come to expect from Zoot. The eye-catching stripes take this jacket from ordinary to bold. But not bold in an obnoxious way. Bold in a way that will make everyone wish they were wearing your jacket. The sleek design provides a flattering, slender profile with minimal bulk, providing protection without feeling weighed down. The technical features that make this running jacket so ideal for running are expertly constructed in a discrete fashion, ensuring that you can wear this jacket around town just as easily as on the run.

Shop the entire Zoot Men’s Running Apparel collection and see the other striking pieces Zoot has to offer.

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