Women’s Transitional Apparel Buying Guide, Fall 2016

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When it comes to running apparel, there are seasons when we need to use the Goldilock’s approach. This outfit is too hot. This outfit is too cold. This outfit is just right. So, to avoid the guess and check process, we’re gonna help you out. There are certain styles that are perfect for this testy time of year!

Here are some outfit suggestions based on weather conditions to help get you through this transitional season.


You know, morning runs where it dips just below that comfortable level of 55 degrees. It’s not freezing out, but your go-to running tank and shorts just won’t do. We’re talking, lightweight long sleeve tops and capris!


The Nike Women’s Dry Miler Running Top is lightweight and sleek, but provides you with the coverage you need to take the chill off. Without the full suffocating coverage of full-length tights, capris still provide more warmth than shorts, but leaving the lower calf and ankle exposed provides the breathability you need to keep from overheating. The Under Armour Women’s Fly By Printed Capri provides mid-calf coverage and a fun stripy design, with mesh paneling to provide you with added breathability. The wide waistband offers a comfortable, flattering fit.

Light rain

So, what is light rain, anyways? I like to define it as, the dots aren’t connecting on the sidewalk. If it’s misty, this also qualifies. You have two good top options here: a lightweight, water-resistant jacket (sheds water) or a thermal long sleeve (warmth and breathability). Tights with a DWR coating and brushed interior help to keep your legs protected and warm.


When it comes to options, these two are great depending on how cold it is. The Mizuno Women’s BT Hoodie Jacket has a lightweight construction with water resistance, and the Breath Thermo panels take this jacket up a notch as far as warmth, making it perfect for when it’s colder with light rain. The North Face Women’s Impulse Active 1/4 Zip, however, is ideal for cool weather in light rain, as it keeps the moisture from the precipitation on the outside of the fabric, keeping your body dry. The ASICS Women’s Lite Show Winter Tight features a DWR coating, providing your legs with a water resistant barrier. And even when the rain storm is relatively mild, being out on the roads is extra dangerous, as drivers have reduced visibility. For this reason, the bold, reflective design will help keep you seen and safe.


Running on a windy day can leave you feeling extra fatigued. Finding a wind-resistant jacket will help shelter you from the breeze and keep the cold air out and away from your body. Full length tights provide you with coverage and protection against the chill.


With a fun print and feminine details, you don’t have to compromise for wind protection. The Brooks Women’s Drift Shell Jacket is a wind-resistant shell that provides protection without making you feel stuffy. As far as tights are concerned, cool and windy conditions don’t call for anything too hardcore. The ASICS Women’s Essentials Tight provides the basic, full coverage you need that will make your legs feel more protected on a blustery run – no need for wind blocking panels until we’re talking freezing conditions!

Changing conditions

You started out on your run when it was chilly and rainy, but now the sun’s out and you’re feeling a little too warm. You need a protective layer that is easy to shed and stow without bulk.


Two great options when it comes to super lightweight and packable jackets are the Salomon Women’s Fast Wing Hoodie and the Pearl Izumi Women’s Pursuit Barrier LT Hoody. Both jackets also feature venting to keep you from feeling overheated; the Fast Wing provides ventilation under each arm, and the Pursuit Barrier’s design has vents at the chest in front and the upper back. Both provide protection when you need it, and practically disappear when you don’t.

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