Women’s Spring Trail Running Apparel | Buying Guide 2017

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If you listen really carefully you can probably hear it…do you? That’s the sound of snow melting. Depending on where you live you may have to listen pretty carefully, but that sound is one that we trail runners rejoice over every spring. Soon, the trails will be open, if they aren’t already; dry, or at least drier; and you’ll be able to adventure like you’ve dreamed of all winter long. We want you to be able to run free and happy knowing that your apparel is perfectly suited for your run. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, fam.


The Go-To Short | Patagonia Strider Pro Short 2.5”

Seven pockets on this little number? Yes, we counted right. Great for any length of run, the Strider Pro Short offers lightweight coverage for a variety of body types. A super comfortable waistband is essential for any run, and the Strider Pro sure delivers. And don’t forget those pockets…

Shop the Patagonia Strider Pro Short 2.5″

The Ultimate All-Day Short | La Sportiva Snap Short

This short hits the perfect balance between ‘bells and whistles’ and ‘less is more.’ Super comfy fabric keeps you feeling protected all day long, and the 2-in-1 design is comfortable enough for even the most anti-under-short runner. We love the stash pockets on this bad boy – designed to hold the contents on the outside of the short rather than against your skin (not to mention a large zip pocket in the back). Revolutionary!

Shop the La Sportiva Snap Short

Light and Breezy | The North Face Better Than Naked Split Short

So light, so airy, so comfortable. When things start heating up, you’ll feel like you’re running naked, only better (for everyone, really). They ride like a shorter short, which is perfect for when you’re feeling HOT HOT HOT. Like a little more coverage? Try the Better Than Naked Long Haul Skirt, which, for some, is the best of both worlds.

Shop the North Face Better Than Naked Split Short

Shop the North Face Better Than Naked Long Haul Skirt


Fit It and Forget It | The North Face Flight Series Warp Tank

We know, you don’t do crops. Or maybe you do. Either way, when you’re looking to race, reach for the Warp Tank. Super stretchy/comfy fabric is just as breathable as it is soft, and you’ll be looking fly as you fly down the trails to the finish line. Did we mention how soft it is?

Shop the North Face Flight Series Warp Tank

Simple Perfection | Oiselle Flyout Tank

When you’re out on the trails for hours you don’t want to be thinking about your clothes. This tank let’s you enjoy the trail in comfort without being overdone in any way. Soft, flattering, not too fitted but not baggy, this tank is juuuust right. Throw it on and don’t look back.

Shop the Oiselle Flyout Tank

Ultra-light and Ultra-comfortable | Patagonia Windchaser Tee

When you are seeking out that versatile, lightweight option, search no further than the Patagonia Windchaser Tee. Lightweight mesh on the top gives ventilation right where you need it, and the flattering, comfortable fit makes this a great go-to for any run. Great for use with a hydration pack too!

Shop the Patagonia Windchaser Tee

Technically Perfect | La Sportiva Speed T-Shirt

Whether racing or spending all day on the trail, we love the fit and functionality of this tee. The value of a zippered short sleeve can’t be overestimated; it’s a must-have in every trail runner’s wardrobe. Body-mapped ventilation, silky-smooth fabric (read: less chafing), anti-bacterial treatment for lasting freshness… this top has it all.

Shop the La Sportiva Speed T-Shirt


Packable Powerhouse | Ultimate Direction Ultra Jacket

We love this jacket. There, we said it. Fully waterproof with all the right features, this jacket is your go-to packable for runs when the weather can turn on a dime. An adjustable hood (with a bill!), under-arm venting, and built-in wind mitts show that Ultimate Direction has overlooked no detail in designing what we consider to be a work of art. But don’t take our word for it.

Shop the Ultimate Direction Ultra Jacket

Lightweight and Versatile | The North Face Better Than Naked Jacket

It’s always a great idea to bring a jacket on a long run in the mountains, and what better companion than the Better Than Naked Jacket?! If your run starts out a little chilly or you suspect there might be some wind or rain along the way, stow this easily packable jacket in your pack and run confidently.

Shop the North Face Better Than Naked Jacket

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