What’s New in Running Shirts

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Moving Comfort Women's Flex Tee

That perfectly broken-in cotton tee from back in ’87 might hold a revered place in your wardrobe, but it’s not going to be your best friend on your next run. Technical running shirts have been around for awhile now, but few have been able to achieve moisture management and breathability in a shirt with that gotta-have-it feel.

Running shirts this season are all about providing the feel of your paperthin, broken-in tee and the performance benefits of a technical run piece. We’re seeing more seamless designs, featherweight fabrics and extreme breathability that will be excellent for spring and summer.

Seamless Design

The best way to eliminate chafing from obtrusive seamlines is to get rid of the seams, right? Run apparel designers are tapping into this idea, and some of the running shirts this season seem to be held together with magic instead of seams. Shirts like the Nike Men’s Short Sleeve Seamless and the Women’s Moving Comfort Flex Tee are engineered to hold their shape without the use of seams to hold the fabric together. The result? A super smooth next-to-skin feel and the ability to run without chafing.


As we head into the hotter months of the year, stocking your closet with highly breathable running shirts will enhance your experience on the run by providing ventilation. More air moving across your skin will help you keep your core temperature in check. The adidas Supernova Short Sleeve Tee (view Women’s here) has soft highly breathable stretch mesh inserts in key sweat zones for great breathability.

Lightweight Fabrics

When it’s sweltering outside, sometimes you almost want to run shirtless. But some situations call for a shirt, for sun protection or modesty. When that’s the case, you want to wear the most lightweight run shirt you can find. If you’re looking for a running shirt that’s just a step above being half naked, then check out the Brooks Women’s D’lite Reversible Short Sleeve or the Mizuno Men’s Rider Tee. Both of these pieces are constructed with incredibly lightweight fabrics that provide freedom of movement with just a touch of coverage.

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