The Nike Tailwind SS V-Neck (aka Your Next Running Shirt)

The Nike Tailwind SS V-Neck may not be a Double-Deep V, but it still is pretty advanced stuff when it comes to performing on long runs. This premium v-neck has a lot more going for it than that sharp neckline. Frankly, it’s one of the best running shirts we’ve ever tried on. Kudos, Nike.

What makes this shirt so great is the sum of its parts.

  • You’ve got a very soft, highly wicking Poly/Cotton blend (yes, apparently it is possible to run comfortably in cotton).
  • You’ll stay cool thanks to underarm mesh and vent holes, and the taped seams keep you comfortable on longer outings.
  • You also have a back zipper pocket that comes in handy if the shorts you want to wear offer limited storage options.

Putting it all together, maybe you really should be a v-neck guy after all.

This is the shirt that actually started the v-neck wars.

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