The Best Season: Spring Running

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Stepping outside, you find that something is different. The outside world feels softer, more welcoming. A quick inhalation leaves your lungs refreshed instead of burning, and rather than blinding you, the sunlight bathes the world in a comforting warmth. There is a kindness on the breeze.

The prickle of long-dormant pores cracking themselves open has crept from your scalp to your lower back. Cooling sweat droplets begin to fling themselves from the ends of your hair like so many Persian soldiers from the cliffs of Thermopylae. As your muscles gradually begin to thaw, your shuffle transforms into veritable leaps of exhilaration.

After mere minutes of exposure you realize that you’ve been battling depression for the past 3-5 months without realizing it. All those “happy” holiday memories were just a charade! This is real joy!


Your bounds come to a crashing halt as you hack on the first inhaled insect of spring. Quickly ensuring that asphyxiation is not occurring, you gather yourself to spit the saliva coated remains into the bushes and glide into an easy but steady clip. The warmth that was emanating through you has been tempered, but a steady smile still sits upon your lips.

Spring has it all: wonderful temperatures, greenery of an almost abusive level, the sweet scents of flowers, the reopening of your favorite trails, and longer days to enjoy it all. Spring is here*, and spring running is the BEST!

*Depending upon your geographic location it may or may not feel like spring is here.


So Fresh and So Clean

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