The Best Season: Fall Running

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For countless weeks now you have begun your day with immediate water consumption. You then continue to hydrate throughout the day, just like your high school coach told you to. Taking it a step further, you even sip water from your hydration pack every 15 minutes on your run, just like the wise individuals behind the Running Warehouse Run Better pages told you to. But, no matter how diligent you are, each run finishes with you feeling like a well-wrung rag. Running in the heat is simply too hard. Buying a personal IV to run with has crossed your mind, but it’s unlikely that a medical supplier will sell one to you after you tell them how you intend to use it. So, after extensive deliberation, you’ve decided that the only option is to move to Alaska where this heat business simply isn’t an issue—your crippling, Revenant-inspired fear of bears be darned.

However, moving takes a while, and you still need to get your run in today. Preparing for the worst, you brace yourself for the convection oven that is about to envelop your body and boil away every last ounce of fluid. Eye tightly shut, you open the door and step into the light.

What’s this? Your pores haven’t immediately begun releasing torrents of sweat like some deranged, inverse fountain of youth? The furnace that slow-roasted your brain only yesterday has been shut off? A deep breath actually removes excess heat from your body instead of replacing it with even hotter air? On roads where you saw endless pools off heat shimmers there is now, well, just road? The weather is … pleasant?

Silly you. Of course the summer had to end at some point. Thank heavens you don’t have to go get eaten by a bear now.

Cruising down the street, your eyes detect a hint of red in the once strictly green foliage. Seeing it brings a smile to your lips, for it is a promise of the beauty that is to come. Of course, that discoloration is also a reminder of the fleeting nature of the season. Eventually you’ll be dodging piles of leaves that might be concealing ankle-snapping roots and rocks, but you’ll trip on those obstacles when you come to them. In the meantime, you’re going to enjoy every moment of this stunning, transitional season.

Fall has it all: refreshing temperatures, enchanting foliage, and variations in weather that make every run an adventure. Fall is here*, and fall running is the BEST!

*Mandatory mention of the fact that the applicability of this post is entirely dependent upon the hemisphere in which one resides.

To learn more about proper hydration, see our Learning Center Article here.

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