Staff Pick: Oiselle Toolbelt Roga Short

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My purse is a pretty big deal. Ladies, you feel me! That thing holds everything. I like to think that I’m well prepared for whatever life throws my way. The thing about purses is that they can be really bulky. There have been times when I’ve felt a bit like Mary Poppins, pulling anything and everything out my seemingly bottomless purse. Which is great when you need something random, but not great when you’re trying to travel light. And you’re not bound to find many runners hitting the pavement with their purse in tow.

So what do I do when I’m on a long run with no purse to hold all of my running necessities? I have to rely on whatever storage my clothing can afford me. The 90’s version of me turned to my cargo pants and shorts. But let’s be honest, as trendy as I was, those things weren’t designed for running. Thankfully, Oiselle’s fashion forward design team heard my cry for stylish storage and designed shorts with room for my long run and trail running necessities within a sleek silhouette.

Introducing the Oiselle Toolbelt Roga Short. The wide, comfortable, flat waistband you see is not just a waistband, friend. No, it is so much more. In back you will find three roomy stow pockets, perfect for everything from your media device (because music), an extra hairband (because your hair is out of hand today), a gel and some chews (because sometimes you get hungry), with extra room to spare. Need somewhere secure to keep your ID and credit card (because you’ve been know to end your run conveniently near that new cafe downtown) along with your door key? The zippered butt pocket is sufficient to hold the things that you just can’t have falling out.

Beyond the awesome storage capacity, these shorts have a seriously fashion foward profile with a fun color-blocked look and vibrant, rich colorways. In typical Oiselle fashion, the fabric is lightweight and breathable, with mesh paneling at the sides for added ventilation. With a roughly 4″ inseam, it is a great option for longer runs.

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