Staff Pick: Lucy Women’s Crossback Tank

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Working in an office where there is a constant flow of new running apparel is dangerous. Just ask Becky, one of the newest additions to our Web Content Team here at Running Warehouse. She’s been working for RW for two years, and she’s seen her share of styles. Being inundated on a daily basis causes us to be discerning and choosy when it comes to what we buy for ourselves… And that’s why when we share our favorites with you, it means something!


Becky runs an average of 40 miles a week and prefers running on well-groomed trails. She’s ran four half marathons and one full marathon, with her sights set on the Zion Half Marathon in March, which she will be running with a few other RW ladies. When she saw the Lucy Crossback Tank come down the line, she knew she had to get it. And I could tell because I personally heard her ooh and aah over it. :) I asked Becky a few questions about what made this tank stand out to her, and why she loves it so much.

What initially drew you to this piece?

I was drawn to the Lucy Crossback Tank because, let’s be honest, it’s adorable! The fabric is quite soft, and you can tell when you try it on that it is a high quality piece.

When you first tried it on, what was your first impression?

I noticed that although it is fitted, it is very flattering and feminine. It makes me feel so stylish even though it is designed to be worn for workouts.

lucy_crossback_tank_2What is your favorite style feature of this piece?

My favorite style feature is the cross back design and how securely the straps stay in place when you move.

What is your favorite technical feature of this piece?

The fabric is really soft and yet it feels very lightweight and breathable. The built-in shelf bra is also a bonus!

How did this piece hold up on a run?

My first run in this tank was 6 miles on a pretty well groomed trail. It was a very hot day (high 90’s), and I was pleasantly surprised by how well it kept me cool.

Thank you, Becky!

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