Saucony VIZI PRO – You Want to Be Seen Running at Night

Are you concerned with safety when out on a run at dawn or dusk? If the answer is yes, then Saucony has a solution for you.

Saucony introduces VIZI PRO to the high visibility gear on the market. This striking fluorescent orange definitely stands out from the traditional fluorescent yellow. There are three essential pieces in the men’s and women’s VIZI PRO line, which include the Saucony VIZI PRO Soniclite HD Jacket, Saucony VIZI PRO Optech Sportop and the Saucony VIZI PRO Soniclite HD Vest.

The Saucony VIZI PRO SonicLite HD Jacket maintains a quiet, ultra light feel while providing wind and water resistance. The SonicLite HD Jacket is one of Saucony’s most versatile outer layers.

Adding to the high visibility of VIZI PRO, Saucony has upped your safety by providing a removable flashing LED light on the roadside sleeve that is visible from 500-1000 yards away.

The VIZI PRO Optech LX Sportop is another piece in the line with the LED light. The Optech LX Sportop is an exceptional breathable mid layer piece with a half zip for regulating temperature as well as a zippered pocket on the arm.

And the final apparel piece in the Saucony VIZI PRO line is the VIZI PRO SonicLite HD Vest.  The SonicLite HD Vest is light and quiet, keeping your core warm while being protected from the elements. A great piece for when it is not cold enough for a jacket, but for when there is a brisk wind or light rain.

Not only do these apparel pieces feature VIZI PRO, but they also feature reflective mesh panels, which combine visibility and breathability all in one fabric.

For those who do not want to compromise visibility and performance, then VIZI PRO is the way to go.

To view the Saucony VIZI PRO line at, click links below:

Men’s Saucony VIZI PRO Apparel Collection

Women’s Saucony VIZI PRO Apparel Collection

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