Salomon Running Jacket Technology for Cold Weather


Salomon makes a mean running jacket. We’re big fans over here at Running Warehouse. There are a multitude of reasons that we love these jackets, but it all comes down to three key factors.

Beautiful Construction.

The devil’s in the details when it comes to running apparel in general, so when Salomon designed their jackets, we’re confident saying they pretty much nailed it. With a beautiful construction and execution of technical fabrics, these jackets stand the test of time and look good doing it. Hey, we can’t help it if we’re a little superficial.

Exceptional Fit.

FW15.MOTION.FIT_TECHPOSTERS.A3_FAST.WING.HOODIE_TRAIL.RUNThese jackets are engineered in such a way that you’ll find they move with your body without sacrificing secure coverage. MotionFit is the name of technology Salomon uses to ensure an accurate fit. When you run, you move in a very specific way – in a way unlike other activities or sports. MotionFit gear is constructed in such a way to provide a close-to-the-body fit while allowing freedom of movement where you need it most on the run. Specifically, in three prime regions: head and neck, shoulders, and arms. In the head and neck region, the material and patterning enables free neck and head movement, even while wearing a fitted hood. In the shoulders region, added volume provides unrestricted volume without affecting the close fit of the jacket. In the arm region, underarm gussets allow for more freedom of movement, allowing you to reach out and up without feeling restricted. The S-Lab Motion Fit (Men’s) and Equipe Softshell both feature a MotionFit construction:

Performance Fabrication.

Salomon performance fabrics are called “AdvancedSkin”, and they are featured throughout their long sleeves, half-zips, and jackets. Jackets with AdvancedSkin fabrics come in three flavors (Dry, Shield, and Warm), each built for a different type of run.

AdvancedSkin Dry – Salomon jackets with AdvancedSkin Dry are built with waterproof protection and a moisture-management system to keep you dry under your layers. These pieces have breathability features, but are careful not to sacrifice waterproof protection where you need it most. This is the ultimate protective fabric against rain, snow, and wind. The only AdvancedSkin Dry jacket that we carry for Fall 2015 is the Men’s Bonatti WP Jacket:

AdvancedSkin Shield – These pieces are designed with windproof protection to prevent chill, along with water-resistant fabric in key areas. They are constructed in such a way to allow for the release of body heat, enhancing air circulation to ensure that you’ll feel the breathability you need on a run. These jackets provide constant protection against wind and snow. The Fast Wing Hoodie (in both Men’s and Women’s) is an example of one of Salomon’s AdvancedSkin Shield jackets:

AdvancedSkin Warm – For those runs when you know you’ll be cold, Salomon jackets with AdvancedSkin Warm technology will enhance your body warmth, regulate your body temperature, and retain heat to keep you warm in the coldest conditions. These jackets provide you with the optimal regulation of your body’s climate, keeping you warm when it’s just plain freezing out. The Men’s Discovery Full Zip and the Women’s Elevate Mid are designed with AdvancedSkin Warm:


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