Running Apparel Spotlight: BOA Men’s 3.5″ Split Short


The Galaxy 1″ BOA Split Short in all of its cross country team glory (Credit: Piedmont HS XC)

BOA is known for their colorful and unique print split shorts. In fact, the BOA Men’s 1″ Split Short is the #1 best seller apparel item on our whole website. It’s a style loved by track and field athletes, cross country stars, and avid runners that want to feel nothing but the breeze against their legs. It is the embodiment of bold, and follows in the footsteps of great runners past. The 1″ split is definitely not for the faint of heart. That being said, some of us just can’t imagine wearing something so short, and that’s okay too. For those of us who have serious split short envy but opt out of the 1″ inseam club, we now have an option with a bit more length that still provides us with the freedom of a split short and that quintessentially eye-catching BOA style.


The 1″ split (L) vs the 3.5″ split (R)

Introducing the BOA Men’s 3.5″ Split Short. With two extra inches of inseam, the 3.5″ option is great for runners who just want a little more coverage and don’t want to miss out on any of that boldly printed split short swag. With six vivacious prints to choose from, there’s no way you’re missing out on all that is grand about running in split shorts.


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