Rock Your ‘Pieces of Flair’

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Meet the Men of Running Warehouse. They are mavericks. Bold. Confident. Saving the world one adrenaline-junkie at a time. Sure, they could head out the door for a run in a basic short and singlet, but why? They’re not here to maintain the status quo. They’re raising the bar, bringing the heat and dressing for the jobs they want.

Guys, if you’re still reading, you know you want a few of these gems for your running arsenal. Embrace it. We’re not here to judge.

Ladies, help the men in your life break out of their ho-hum running apparel rut with some of these performance focused pieces of flair.

Captain America

Your feet pound the pavement. People cheer as you pass. You are a superhero. Why not look the part too? Now you can – and show off your patriotism in the process. This performance forward combination will make you feel super as you tear up the roads and the trails.

Here are the items Daniel’s rockin’ in the photo at right:

Note: As cool as it is, the cape isn’t something we stock here at Running Warehouse. Check your local cape retailer for a better selection.

Duck Hunter

When you’re out on a run, some days you get the bear and some days the bear gets you. The same thing is probably true for ducks. Or maybe not. But just roll with us on this one, OK? Give yourself some extra ammo in the fight and stay in the hunt on race day with this outfit to help you stalk the competition.

Here are the items Matt’s rockin’ in the photo at right:

Back to the 80’s

Acid washed jeans may still hold a special place in your heart (OK, now we might judge a little), but you can rock your 80s love with less chafing in these running options. Here are the items Fran’s rockin’ in the photo at right:

Note: See the flair pins on the Xinglet? Yeah, we don’t sell those. But you should really personalize the outfit with your own pieces of flair. Remember, 15 is only the minimum. But some people choose to wear more, and we encourage that.

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