Race Day Apparel for Early Fall 2016

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As you’re gearing up for your goal race this fall, one of the first things you’ll do that makes your impending race feel “real” is choose what you’ll wear for your big day. It’s important, not only because apparel has the ability to enhance (or destroy) your running experience through features and fabric choices, but also because psychologically, if you look your best, you’ll feel your best. And so without further ado, here are our top picks for your fall race.

Podium Seeker

You’re not new to the game – this may be your hundredth time toeing the line. You’re fast, and you know it, so why not show it? These pieces are minimal, lightweight, and let you get down to the business of achieving a new PR or claiming that medal (and prize money?).


Women’s look: The ASICS Women’s Speed Bra with the ASICS Women’s Speed Knit Short. This cropped bra-top provides you with the support and compression you need (rated high impact for A/B cups), and keeps it minimal. Paired with these super comfortable knit shorts with bonded seams to prevent chafing, you won’t feel weighed down when you pick up the pace.

Men’s look: The New Balance Men’s Ice Singlet with the New Balance Men’s Impact 3″ Split Short. The Ice Singlet is not only lightweight and sleek, it actually has cooling technology built in. As you sweat during your race in the heat of an Indian summer, you won’t feel as hot, which is especially great during longer races. These split shorts give you great freedom of movement and a zip pocket for a few gels.

Loud and Proud

Everyone’s looking at you, and that’s the point! You might have a great race, or not run your best, but either way, you are just too darn proud of yourself for being where you’re at. Your style matches your attitude. Bright looks and crazy prints reflect all the wild energy going on inside you (and it makes you much easier to spot in the pack, so friends can more easily cheer you on and Snapchat your progress!) It’s a great day to be alive, and an even better day to be running!


Women’s look: The New Balance Women’s Accelerate SS Graphic with the New Balance Women’s Impact 3″ Short. Because no one is going to miss you in that shirt. And with a shirt like that, all you need is basic, but brilliantly constructed, black shorts. Let that shirt shine!

Men’s look: The BOA Men’s Printed Singlet Toucan with the BOA Men’s 1″ Elite Split Leg Short. Do I really need to say anything? These toucans speak for themselves.

First Time Finisher

This might be your first race, or the first time that you’re gonna make it to the finish line! No matter what your goals, comfort is key, and that’s where these pieces are going to carry you through. Understated styles allow you to fly under the radar and really focus on your run. You got this!

Women’s look: The Brooks Women’s Distance Tank with the Brooks Women’s Chaser 3″ Short. You will feel comfortable in this pairing. The relaxed fit of the tank provides an airy feel, with just a touch of sparkle – because you deserve something fashionable without being the center of attention. These shorts are great, too, because they will keep you feeling cool and agile as you push to the finish.

Men’s look: The Under Armour Men’s Streaker Printed V-Neck SS with the Under Armour Men’s Launch 5″ Woven Short. Keep it casual and comfortable! If you’re relaxed, chances are you’ll run much better. The medium length of these shorts provides you with a good amount of coverage without restricting leg movement, and the v-neck is super soft.




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