Pro and Con: Running in the Rain

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In his book South of the Border, West of the Sun, Haruki Murakami describes the trancelike separation of mind and body that can occur whilst listening to the delicate patter of the rain. Other people describe rain as an never-ending shower of piercing needles that transmit unadulterated misery. With those opposing sentiments in mind, this Pro and Con-versation delves into the nuances of the rainy day run.

Pro: Duuuuuuuuuuuuude! It’s raining! You know what that means!?!

Con: Darkness and despair?

Pro: What? No. Running in the rain!

Con: Blegh.

Pro: Come on, you don’t like a nice cooling rain?

Con: I don’t enjoy having frozen forearms and an inexplicably sweaty core, no.

Pro: Huh, what about the way the world is made small in the quiet of the clouds?

Con: What about bleeding nipples? Does the burning fire of the post-run shower warm the cockles of your heart?

Pro: Jokes on you, I wear either nipple guards or a waterproof shell and I’m fine.

Con: Hmm, what about slipping in the mud ending up plastered in grime?

Pro: Many people pay for the experience of a mud bath.

Con: I find your faith disturbing.

Pro: It is the anticipation of the aroma of rain-dampened earth and the symphony of droplets that raises my spirits so.

Con: I anticipate my only run today will be the distance between my house and my car.

Pro: I take it that splashing through puddles doesn’t take you back to the joy of your childhood?

Con: Ha. I’m actually fairly certain that soggy squelching shoes are worn by individuals condemned to the deepest circle in Dante’s Inferno.

Pro: We definitely read different translations. What about the way that rain gently washes away all meaningless thoughts and brings you into contact with your true self?

Con: You’re weird. Rain is bad.

Pro: Why do I bother talking with you?

Con: Beats me.

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Will has been running competitively since high school, and is currently running with the HOKA Aggies, a post-collegiate club here on the central coast of California. With a preference for the humorous and the verbose, he enjoys playing the wordsmith almost as much as his daily runs.

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