Oiselle Interactive Running Style Guide

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Oiselle is here to end bad running clothes. No longer do women have to choose between looking good and feeling good on their run. We had a few of Oiselle’s professional runners visit Running Warehouse to showcase their fly style. Kate Grace shows off the best of Oiselle’s Seamless Apparel, Allison Maxson is ready for the change in seasons with Cold Weather Looks, and Lauren Wallace is ready to set the track on fire with her Race Day Outfits.

Click on the apparel pieces in the images below to shop each collection.

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Kate Grace – Seamless

Whether Kate’s torching tracks from California to Paris, or gliding through easy runs on the river path in Sacramento, she needs apparel to match her smooth stride. To perform at her level she can’t have poor-fitting clothes getting in her way. Oiselle’s seamless tights and shorts bring comfort to new levels so she can focus on her next achievement and not on her outfit.

Living up to her name, Grace doesn’t stop at the track. This Yale grad brings her wit and wisdom as @fastk8 to Twitter and Instagram, and these colorful pieces match her smart style.

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Allison Maxson – Cold Weather

“Though she be but little, she is fierce!” Did Shakespeare pen this line in A Midsummer Night’s Dream about @AllisonMaxson? Don’t let her small stature fool you, though – this lady does it all, and does it well. Wife, professional distance runner, physical therapist… let’s just say, she keeps busy. As the seasons change, pieces like the Gilman Vest keep up with her multifaceted life.

Allison’s 2:39:16 last year at the Chicago Marathon earned her a spot at February’s Olympic Trails Marathon. Her hardest training will take place in the depths of the winter. She can’t afford to miss a workout; thankfully, when the weather looks bad, she still looks good.

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Lauren Wallace – Race Day

The success of @lmwallace800 is due to unassuming but tremendous tenacity. This reformed high school sprinter saw moderate success late in her career at UC Davis, though not enough to break through the crowded ranks of USA middle distances. After winning the 1000m at the USA Indoor Track and Field Championships, she no longer gets to glide under the radar.

There are no secrets to running fast. Hard work over time, with some faith, turns into performance. Lauren’s race day shorts, bras, and tanks mirror this. Simple style built for what Lauren was simply built for, flying.

Runners like these girls are a special breed. They demand the most from themselves, and by extension, their clothes. Oiselle’s clothes stand up to the test for these Olympic hopefuls. You too can take on the Olympic year in style with Oiselle apparel from Running Warehouse.

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