Nike Epic Run vs Epic Lux: Better and Best

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When it comes to buying running clothes online, a few factors are key. Images are important because each photo should accurately depict how the apparel piece looks in person. A detailed product description is vital to listing the features that may or may not be apparent in the images. And price – the price must make sense and reflect the features shown in the images and detailed in the product description.

This is why at Running Warehouse we put such a high priority on our images and product descriptions. We want to try to give you the best representation of what each product has to offer, and why it is a certain price. As you can imagine, at times it is a struggle.

Nike’s Epic Line

The premium line of tights that Nike has designed are called “Epic”, and for good reason. A richer fabrication and premium construction take these tights beyond basic, and they offer a better, top-of-the-line experience to consumers who are willing to spend a few extra bucks. Within the Epic line, we have Epic Run and Epic Lux.

When you look at the Nike Women’s Epic Run and Epic Lux tights next to each other, you may find yourself in a quandary. Why is there a 25 dollar price difference? At first glance, the two look remarkably similar. In this lies the challenge. How do we describe the difference so you can make an educated choice when buying online?

What’s up with Lux?

nike_w_epic_lux_cropThe Epic Lux tights, capris, and crops are the most premium option, featuring a luxurious feel that is even better than that of the Epic Run. Which is saying a lot because Epic Run is, well, already pretty darn epic. Very similar in style and construction, the difference between the two mainly comes down to the fabric composition, which is a game changer. The Spandex content is higher in the Epic Lux than in the Epic Run, giving the fabric more stretch. This creates a tight, ultra-supportive fit and provides unparalleled hold, support, and shaping.

While the Epic Run is a step above most tights, in terms of comfort and feel, Epic Lux truly raises the bar.


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