Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Our Mother Runners

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Here at Running Warehouse, we are just like you; we are marathon moms, balancing the demands of daily life while carving out some time to make sure we do what we love – RUN. Sometimes, while trying to keep up with these demands, we take for granted how much we put ourselves through. So, this Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate our amazing mother runner bodies and give them some well deserved credit. In honor of the holiday, our very own marathon moms share what they appreciate most about their perfectly imperfect running bodies as well as the gear they will be sporting this Sunday.


I appreciate my body’s ability to come back from injury and childbirth stronger than ever!

I respect my body enough to listen to it when it tells me it’s time for rest and repair. With all the racing and training demands I’ve required of my body, I’ve learned to honor its need for recovery.

I love the muscles in my legs. They make me feel powerful and strong!

I am grateful for being comfortable in my own skin and not giving a hoot if it doesn’t meet someone else’s expectations.

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I appreciate that my body is adaptable. Even after a long break from training, it is able to bounce right back.

I respect my curves and stretch marks. Great reminders that I am a mom of two beautiful children!

I love my shoulders! Small but mighty and defined!

I am grateful for my health. I put my body through a lot and it continues to keep up with my busy, sometimes crazy schedule.

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I appreciate my body’s capacity to handle and adapt to all of the different types of training I put it through.

I respect my body’s resilience after having two children, a car accident, running injuries, and umbilical hernia repair surgery.

I love my legs. They are long, lean, and running machines.

I am grateful for being a strong, healthy woman. I can run marathons, take my dog for walks, and hike and bike with my two amazing kids.

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We hope your Mother’s Day is filled with joy, gratitude, and a great run!

Jenny is a marathon mom in every sense of the word. Not only does she run marathons, but she is constantly running around with her two kids, helping to teach them the value of an active lifestyle.

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