Men’s Short and Long Sleeve Tops | Buying Guide Fall 2017

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Fall, the time of year when a heat wave can end in a freak snowstorm. It is, by its nature, a transitional period between two opposing seasons, and that transition is rarely without surprises. Spinning it, that unpredictability makes every day exciting.

Additionally, sprinkled within the seemingly anomalous weather patterns of the season, there are always a few days when we hit that fine middle ground between the heat of summer and the chill of winter, days when simply being outside, let alone running, is a joy.

So, let’s take a look at the short and long sleeve tops that are made for running through the baking heat of an Indian Summer, the biting nip of an autumnal frost, and the idyllic afternoons in between. To provide a variety that matches the season, we’ve selected an option based on what’s nice (feels good), what has the spice (the most technologically advanced), and the price (biggest bang for your buck).

Short Sleeve Tops


Janji Men’s Nepal White V-Neck Short Sleeve – MSRP $42.00

Breathable and cotton-soft fabric without the unwanted absorbency, this tee is built for comfortable running. But that’s not where the story ends. The all-over print on this tee is inspired by the communities and ecology of Nepal, and 10% of sales go straight to supporting clean water initiatives in that country. Benefits stacked on benefits.


Nike Men’s Dri-FIT Knit ¾ Sleeve Top – MSRP $80.00

For a seamless top that stands out from the rest, this ultra-soft tee has got it going on. The fitted design and sweat-dispersing knit are augmented with targeted ventilation to aerate high-heat areas while reflective detailing on the front and back lets you take your run through the earlier sunsets and into the crisp autumn nights.


adidas Men’s D2M Tee-Heather – MSRP $25.000

Some everyday runs only need a basic amount of tech, but basic doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. This simple tee has smooth, heathered fabric and moisture-wicking performance to keep you cool.


Long Sleeve Tops


Brooks Men’s Dash Long Sleeve – MSRP $65.00

It really comes down to the buttery-soft fabrication on this one. The heathered fabric, combined with an anatomical design that doesn’t cling to your body, makes this top one that you’ll want to wear well after you’ve finished your run. The mock neck fit and thumbholes at cuffs offer additional warmth for the cooler mornings and evenings of autumn.


New Balance Men’s Seasonless Long Sleeve – MSRP $64.99

Not only is this top plush and lightweight, it also has carefully engineered features that can handle the seasonal variations. Each sleeve features a stash pocket for a key or card behind thumbholes on the cuff interior, and the entire body has UPF 40+ protection. Should your run end late or start early, reflective detailing on all sides makes for safer running.


The North Face Men’s Long Sleeve Reaxion Amp Crew – MSRP $30.00

For a classic long sleeve that is soft, lightweight, and the right amount of moisture-wicking, look no further. This top has all the bases covered without any excess. Ok, there is one small point of “excess.” Designers included a locker loop at back of neck to make drying easy. Hopefully that’s not too fancy for you.

Bonus Round: Is That Really A Long Sleeve?

adidas Men’s Supernova Tokyo Long Sleeve Tee – MSRP $55.00

It seems unfair to label this top a simple “long sleeve,” for, in reality, it is the long sleeve tee to rule them all. A built-in balaclava, thumb covers, and fold-over mittens allow for easily alterable warmth when you need it and standard long sleeve coverage when you don’t. Grip dots on the hand interior and a touchscreen capable thumb allow for fully functional hands at all times. At that price, it feels like you stole something.

Looking for a short or long sleeve top but unimpressed with our picks? Check out our complete selections below.

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