Men’s Running Short Sleeves, Singlets, & Tanks | Buying Guide 2017

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As we begin noticing the first vestiges of spring, some of us a little sooner than others, warmer temperatures allows us to begin shedding the onion-like layers that shielded us during the winter. Goodbye windbreaker, hello singlet! The reasons for donning technical singlets and short sleeves are manifold, but the primary reason is the most simple. When it is hot, retaining heat is counterproductive. An additional benefit of technical apparel is that many pieces actually work to cool your body. When you sweat, your body is using the endothermic reaction of sweat evaporation to remove heat from your skin. With a moisture-wicking top, that process is both sped up and spread out over a larger portion of your body, meaning you get cooler faster. Finally, sweat carries salt particles, which, as we all know, transform into blade like crystals after the water in sweat evaporates. On most parts of the body, this is fine. On others, it is not. So very not. Technical tops have the added benefit of dispersing those salt spears into the garment and thereby limiting their ability to shred your skin.

So, let’s take a look at the singlets and tees that are almost as ready for spring as you are. For each type, I’ve selected an option based on what’s nice (feels good), what has the spice (the most technologically advanced), and the price (biggest bang for your buck).



Patagonia Nine Trail’s Singlet – MSRP $35.00

With a classic tank design and plush fabrication, this singlet is ready to hit the trails or the track. Polygiene® treatment adds lasting odor control, while the polyester fabrication delivers ample moisture dispersal. Of course, the fact that it’s so comfortable may mean that you never take it off.


Sugoi Men’s Titan Singlet – MSRP $55.00

This singlet brings the tech. All-over sweat-wicking fabric and Icefil® paneling on the upper back and underarms allow for optimal breathability combined with accentuated evaporative cooling to beat the heat. Added benefit comes in the form of UPF 30+ UV protection.


ASICS Core Singlet – MSRP $25.00

Sometimes mesh is all you need, and the Asics Core Singlet is just that, a classic mesh singlet that is ready to run. It even has reflective taping on the sides to help improve low light safety. If you like things simple, this is your singlet.

Short Sleeve Tees


ASICS fuzeX Seamless Tee – MSRP $50.00

With seamless tops beginning to join most major brands’ collections, finding the minute differences in these buttery-soft tees can be challenging. The ASICS fuzeX Seamless stands apart with both understated style and targeted ventilation to deliver an enjoyable on-body experience.


Salomon Agile Short Sleeve – MSRP $40.00

Feather-light and full of useful features, the Salmon Agile Short Sleeve is the advanced tee for warm weather training. All-over mesh fabrication with larger openings at the underarms delivers ample ventilation and moisture dispersal while reflective taping on the left sleeve and center back clearly advertise your presence to vehicles. To top it off, this tee includes an envelope pocket on the right hip with a headphone cord loop to carry a phone or other small items.


New Balance Heather Tech Tee – MSRP $24.99

There’s nothing wrong with basics when you’re getting in the miles, and the New Balance Heather Tech Top has the basics covered. Moisture-wicking fabrication and NB Fresh treatment work to keep you both dry and stank-free.

Bonus Round – Graphic Tees!

The North Face MA Reaxion Tee – MSRP $30.00

Patagonia Capilene Daily Graphic T-Shirt – MSRP $39.00

If having a bold graphic is on your list, check out these tees for an outdoorsy athletic vibe. The Patagonia Graphic T-Shirt comes with added UPF 50+ protection!

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