Men’s Running Apparel: The 3/4 Length Tight

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It’s okay for men to wear running capris. There, I said it. But I’m a female, so don’t take my word for it. I just think it’s time that any negative stigma be removed from this men’s style of running apparel. After all, aren’t we all free to choose whatever style we want to wear?

But first… Is there a stigma against men wearing 3/4 tights? We certainly don’t think there should be. We’ve seen dudes in full-length and short-length running tights, sure enough, but the capri length is not a common sight when running down the road. Why is that?

Running apparel brands have gone so far as to call it a “3/4 length tight” instead of labeling it a “capri” or “crop”. You see, the style of “capri” or “crop” seems to carry a female connotation, and for whatever reason, that style has been relegated to women’s apparel or more of a men’s European style.

This isn’t completely the case, however, and as I did more research I found out that 3/4 length tights do make a good showing with trail runners. To get a better understanding, I asked some of my dude coworkers a few questions about 3/4 length tights, and I learned about why they feel they way they do.

loren_1Those in Favor…

“I find it a great alternative to a full length tight. I wear shorts down to around 45 degrees but really don’t need a full tight until it’s below 30. I also like to wear a 3/4 length tight in the rain at temps between 40 and 60.”

“The 3/4 length tight style is great for longer adventure runs. They offer more UV protection in exposed, high elevation environments, and if you have to down climb off trail they protect your skin from scratches.”

“They are perfect for mild winters. I don’t need the full coverage of a full-length tight since it doesn’t get that cold, but I still need something longer than my usual split shorts. They are very comfortable and I have worn them during the night in a couple of my 100 mile races. The biggest thing for me is the fit and comfort they provide.”

Those Opposed…

“As a male I would be made fun of. The perfect length to keep you warm while still having ventilation is unfortunately not accepted by the general public.”

“For the most part, it’s either warm enough for shorts or it’s cold enough for full-length tights.”

“It’s a very European look.”


So there we have it. The 3/4 length style clearly comes with benefits and features that make it desirable over other lengths of tights for men. It’s time we remove the stigma that comes with a capri length tight in men’s running apparel. Guys – wear whatever makes you comfortable on your run, judgement free.

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