Long Running Shorts for Different Body Types: Spring 2017

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We know some of you ladies wished our last blog about shorts had included longer shorts, so we went ahead and did just that. The following is feedback from Running Warehouse employees of differing body types on a variety of longer running shorts. We hope that this helps all you bananas, apples, pears, and hourglasses out there!

  1. Lucy Women’s Full Potential 7” Short
    • Banana: Sometimes I want a more modest running outfit when I’m traveling, and these shorts are perfect! They’re stylish, soft, breathable, and the wide waistband helps keep them secure.
    • Apple: Usually I can’t fill out longer shorts because my legs and hips are on the smaller side, but the wide waistband on these helps them to mold right to my body!
    • Pear: I try not to draw attention to my legs, so I wouldn’t wear these unless I was curled up on the sofa wanting to feel comfy and relaxed.
    • Hourglass: I love that I can totally rock these shorts, look stylish, and feel awesome when I run. The fabric is incredibly soft, and there’s just enough freedom to move. No complaints.
  2. Brooks Women’s Greenlight 7” Short Tight
    • Banana: Really not a fan. I love the waistband, but that’s about it. These shorts highlight the fact that I don’t really have curves, and I much prefer its shorter counterpart, the Greenlight 3” short tight.
    • Apple: These shorts are my go-to for a chilly workout day. The longer length helps to keep my legs slightly warmer, and the wide waistband keeps these tights secure. When I’m in the middle of a workout, I’m thankful for a great fit.
    • Pear: These shorts aren’t the most flattering, but I really do love how secure they feel on days when I want to get out the door. I like wearing them for long runs because the waistband has not one, but two stash pockets!
    • Hourglass: I really love to pull these out of my wardrobe for workout days and races because they are a no-fuss, get-the-job-done short that I know I can rely on. That said, I don’t really like the crotch construction, but that could just be my own personal problem.
  3. Brooks Women’s Chaser 7” Short
    • Banana: These guys cause me to chafe on the run because of the extra fabric rubbing between my legs. That problem is easily fixed for shorter runs by applying copious amounts of Body Glide, but I don’t wear them for longer runs. I love bringing these out for family events with the kids because it gives modest coverage that keeps me comfortable and cool.
    • Apple: Love the waistband, love the fabric, don’t love the look. These shorts are my go-to at their 5” length, but the 7” is a little too long and makes my legs look lost in all the extra fabric.
    • Pear: I’m usually not a fan of longer shorts on my legs, but these guys fit well and stay put on the run. The longer length keeps me from chafing between my thighs, and the wide waistband has a nice firm fit.
    • Hourglass: The no chafe wonder…I love these shorts! The wide waistband hugs my tummy while the long length keeps my inner thighs from fighting each other through the miles. These shorts are awesome for my long runs because there are four pockets for storage. Love.
  4. CW-X Women’s Stabilyx Ventilator Short
    • Banana: While not all too flattering on my figure, these shorts are too great to pass up. The compression feels awesome for days where I’m a little more sore than usual. I love that there are ventilation areas because it helps keep the compression comfortable (no smothered feeling, yay!).
    • Apple: These shorts make me feel strong. The compression on my legs feels great, and I can even bust these out on hot runs because the breathability from the ventilation zones keeps me cool. I’d probably only wear these for long runs and races because that’s when I want the compression.
    • Pear: I love that these shorts have compression focused on my abs because it helps remind me to keep my core engaged during up-tempo efforts. I break these out on workout days when I want to keep my legs feeling fresh. 10 out of 10 for these shorts.
    • Hourglass: You’re going to have to cut down my response because I could rave about these shorts forever. This take on the Stabilyx tight is wonderful because it not only has compression technology to support my back and abs, but it also has ventilation that gives my legs room to breath! These are incredible for long runs because I’ll finish and my legs will still feel fresh.

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