Introducing New Balance Minimus Apparel

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New Balance NBx Minimus Apparel

New Balance NBx Minimus Jacket and Minimus Short

NOTE: Due to availability issues, Running Warehouse will not be carrying the New Balance Minimus apparel line for the Spring/Summer 2012 season. We will post more information on the Fall/Winter 2012 collection when we know more about confirmed delivery dates.

The New Balance Minimus footwear collection is light and nimble, with a focus on performance. Our customers have been gobbling up shoes such as the MT110 / WT110 and MR10 / WR10, proving that the idea of stripped-down running gear from New Balance resonates with more than a few runners out there.

So it’s not surprising that New Balance’s product developers decided to extend the Minimus idea to a running apparel collection. And here you have it: the Minimus apparel collection launching in March 2012 will have a full range of pieces, including Men’s and Women’s jackets, short sleeve tops, singlets, and split shorts.

What makes an apparel piece worthy of the Minimus name? Start out with lightweight, breathable fabrics. Add in a simple, modern design that’s free of embellishments and unnecessary add-ons. Top it off with X-STATIC, a 99.9% pure silver fabric layer that gives the garments antimicrobial, anti-odor, anti-static, and temperature-regulating properties.

A Look at the Line

New Balance NBx Minimus Jacket Detail

New Balance NBx Minimus Jacket (Detail)

  • NBx Minimus Jacket: Water resistant, breathable, and weighing just a few ounces, this jacket also features laser-cut ventilation and front and back visibility.
  • NBx Minimus Short Sleeve: Lightweight material, jacquard patterned ventilation areas, and X-STATIC technology keep you cool in this advanced running shirt.
  • NBx Minimus Singlet: Strategically engineered areas of breathability, along with X-STATIC fabric coating, makes this a highly technical singlet that’s ideal for hot weather.
  • NBx Minimus Split Short: Combine a stretch-woven front panel, knit back, and inner X-STATIC brief and you have a recipe for staying cool and comfortable.

Keep an eye out for each of these apparel pieces on our site the first week of March.

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