Introducing Handful: Bras with a Cause

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Get ready to assert your membership into the “sisterhood of sass.” Running Warehouse is happy to introduce our lady runners to the newest addition to our bra category, the cleverly named, Handful.

Launched in 2006 as an endeavor to create a versatile bra that could be flattering, functional, and comfortable while meeting the demands of an active and on-the-go lifestyle, Handful has been improving on that design for over a decade.

A brand with a purpose, the company motto is to “promote women’s self-esteem…to support their active lives and ever-changing bodies.” Additionally they support breast cancer survivors by offering discounts and giving extra pad sets to help “replace what cancer took away.” With the goal of making a great product even better, in 2013 they moved their manufacturing to the USA from its previous location in China.

Check out the styles below and see for yourself how they “flatter, not flatten.” Don’t wait; get your hands on a Handful.

Meet the Handful Adjustable Bra. This bra has smooth, soft fabrication that not only feels good next-to-skin, but also wicks moisture to keep the girls dry and comfortable. Removable pads add a voluminous silhouette rather than a compressed look so you can feel an extra boost of confidence on your run. Built with versatility in mind, this sports bra has three adjustable strap configurations to make it functional for all activities from workout to weekend. You will find this bra to be flattering, functional, have a fabulous feel, and to represent women full of fight.


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Meet the Handful Y-Back Bra. Built to perform, this sports bra has thick fixed straps with a unique crochet detail. Buttery-soft fabrication feels great next to skin while actively wicking away perspiration to keep you dry. A wider band sits below the bra line for added comfort and support, and like the Adjustable Bra, this bra has removable pads to deliver a full look, without the standard squish, for maximal confidence as you run.



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