High-Visibility Running Jackets

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We don’t have to tell you that the sun is rising a little later and setting a little sooner these days. And we don’t need to remind you that there are plenty of yahoos in automobiles who are bleary-eyed, distracted, or just plain inattentive. It’s not the best combo for runners who want to brave a run in the early morning or evening hours.

So be smart and wear bright colors when it’s dark, dusky, rainy or any other time when there’s a good chance you may not be seen clearly by motorists. And as the weather cools down this Fall and Winter, it’s nice to have a little extra warmth that can come from a running jacket. Here are a few top choices for runners who want a high visibility running jacket:

Women’s Hi-Viz Running Jackets

Asics Spry Jacket: Reflective details and a bright purple color up your visibility to motorists in low light, and this lightweight shell also protects you from the wind with wind-resistant construction and a mock neck.
Asics Lite-Show Jacket: Get some serious warmth with your visibility in the Lite-Show Jacket. Though the jacket is black, reflective seams in key areas provide increased visibility when you are in motion, and an inner brushed lining keeps you toasty.
New Balance Komen Stride Jacket: Battle the dark and breast cancer with this cute, hooded jacket. The bright pink color accents give you some added visibility while you also show your support for breast cancer research. The cozy hood adds warmth on chilly mornings.

Men’s Hi-Viz Running Jackets

Nike Cyclone Jacket: The red color on this lightweight jacket is bright, bright, bright. The hits of reflectivity further help you to stand out. Because it’s so lightweight, the Cyclone Jacket is a nice option for dark mornings when the sun will come up and temps will rise while you’re out on your run.
Asics Fujitrail Packable Jacket: The eye-popping print on this lightweight, breathable jacket certainly should get you seen. But just in case, you also have 360 degrees of reflectivity. The jacket can be packed securely in the front pocket when temps heat up.
Sugoi Zap Jacket: You’re sure to be seen on early morning or dusk runs with bold neon colors and great reflectivity of this lightweight shell.

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