Free Mizuno Socks Haiku Contest

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This contest is now closed. Thank you to all who entered!

Winning Haikus!

Here are the winning 10 haikus from our contest. Enjoy!

Mizuno dos tres
Three new socks for my next race
Let’s go get first place!

– Damien


Socks of quality
should not be given for free
Unless they’re for me

– Shannon


Really, a haiku?
I am too busy running.
Just send me the socks!

– Renee


One red one snuck in.
Now all my fave technical
socks are pink. Please help!

– Jennifer


My father wore socks.
My grandfather wore socks, too.
I must carry on.

– Joe


By running, I lost
One hundred and sixty pounds.
So I need the socks.

– Daniel


riding on a wave
somewhere in the universe
roam ronin mushas

– Todd


Running makes me chafe.
Mizuno socks are comfy
Can’t tape to nipples.

– Brendan


My feet are sweaty
and you should not have to care
let’s keep it that way

– Maggie


Mizuno sneakers
Need to play footsie with you,
Must have these new socks.

– Samantha

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