CW-X Compression Running Tights Buying Guide

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Within the world of compression there are a host of different technologies and designs that provide unique benefits. Understanding how these features differ between or within brands can be tricky, but it can also go a long ways towards improving your running experience. As a brand, CW-X products are specialized enough that each day of a week long training cycle, with the requisite day off of course, can be facilitated with a different piece of CW-X apparel. Three key lines within the brand are Pro, Stabilyx, and Generator, which are best when used during speed work, endurance work, and active recovery respectively. With that in mind, here’s what a week in CW-X might look like:

Monday – CW-X Endurance Pro Tight

The lasagna-loving cat may hate today, but you’re up early and ready to cruise through some miles before clicking off some 100m strides to start your week right. The Endurance Pro tight is built to facilitate speed work, and as the morning fog hasn’t quite burned off, a little extra length doesn’t hurt. With compression based on kinesiology taping patterns, the Pro Tight helps support a runner’s linear movement by keeping leg muscles from bending outwards and thereby helps leg muscles stay stronger for longer.

Shop for the CW-X Endurance Pro Tight: Men’s | Women’s

Tuesday – CW-X Stabilyx Ventilator Short

Tuesday tempos are a staple in your diet, and your workout buddy can only meet in the afternoon, so a full length tight is out of the question. Fortunately, the Stabilyx Ventilator Short has mesh paneling for generous breathability while still maintaining key joint and core support at the hips to keep your legs feeling fresh well into the workout.

Shop for the CW-X Stabilyx Ventilator Short: Men’s | Women’s

Wednesday – Day Off

Wednesday is Trivia night, so enjoy your rest day while racking your brain for which Australian mammal lays eggs.

Look up your local Wednesday Night Trivia

Thursday – CW-X Stabilyx Tight

After a solid recovery day, it’s time to jump back in with a mid-week long run. Not quite the distance of your standard long run, it’s still a good ways to go in the early morning. The Stabilyx Tight has the full-length warmth and support for the knees, hips, and core to keep you striding without painful bashing.

Shop for the CW-X Stabilyx Tight: Men’s | Women’s

Friday – CW-X Endurance Pro Short

Friday night calls for ripping some quarters on the track with your workout buddy before hitting the town, which means the Pro is the way to go. In this case, opt for the Endurance Pro short to get the best of both worlds in terms of range of motion and muscle stabilization.

Shop for the CW-X Endurance Pro Short: Men’s | Women’s

Saturday – CW-X Endurance Generator Tight

Taking your easy days easy doesn’t mean you should go easy with regards to recovery. The Endurance Generator Tight combines the designs of the Stabilyx and the Pro Tight to support both muscles and joints while facilitating rapid recovery.

Shop for the CW-X Endurance Generator Tight: Men’s | Women’s

Sunday – CW-X Stabilyx ¾ Tight

Blessed be the long run, for it cometh but once a week. By the midway point your legs are going to be feeling the full effects of your very full week, and the joint support of the Stabilyx ¾ Tight will feel practically divine. It can get a little warm by the time you finish up though, so that extra breathability at the ankle makes quite the difference.

Shop for the CW-X Stabilyx 3/4 Tight: Men’s | Women’s

In addition to the products described above, CW-X produces a large line of compression for your running needs.

Shop All CW-X Products: Men’s | Women’s

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