Craft Baselayer: More Than Just Another Layer

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There is some confusion in running when it comes to what exactly a “baselayer” is. Most people would say that a baselayer is any running garment that you wear under your other outer layers. Though this seems intuitively accurate, a true baselayer is much more than that. A baselayer is a highly technical next-to-skin running garment that fits close to your body and provides temperature/climate control for both cold and warm weather running.

Craft designed a series of baselayers that have been overlooked by many who simply don’t understand what they are and what benefits they provide. This incredible piece of running wear has been neglected for far too long, so let’s shed some light on exactly what wearing a baselayer can do for you.


Are baselayers intended for cold weather running only?

A common misconception is that baselayers are solely intended to keep you warm on a chilly run. It is true that in cold weather, wearing a baselayer can help insulate your body and keep you warm. But it isn’t true that baselayers are only intended for cold weather. Baselayers can also help to keep you cool in the heat. Baselayers are all about regulating your body temperature and providing you with a super technical layer against your skin to enhance your running experience.

How do Craft baselayers work?

Craft has three different classes of baselayers.

19X_RUN_SS16_22_WSTAY COOL baselayers facilitate cooling with a hexa-continuous filament, which is a unique patterned construction with six channels that wick perspiration and pull the vapor off of your body to keep you cool. It’s soft and smooth next-to-skin, and feels comfortable throughout your run.

BE ACTIVE baselayers allow optimal performance in a range of conditions from warm to cold. The thin, lightweight elastic micro polyester is constructed with a combination of two different high-tech materials. The same six-channeled fibers you’d find in the STAY COOL baselayers are present here as well to aid in efficient moisture-transfer and cooling, and hollow fibers are present on the outside to provide insulation and temperature regulation, as well as additional moisture transport to keep perspiration evaporating away through to the next layer.

19X_RUN_AW15_18KEEP WARM baselayers provide added warmth for your coldest runs. The lightweight fabric is composed of thermal yarn, providing you with optimal thermoregulation and body-temperature management. The structure of these pieces is bodymapped with climate zones to keep your body warm where it’s needed the most, while a 3D-knit design with hollow fibers provides added insulation.

So, why Craft?

Craft running apparel is executed with such precision that it stands in a league of its own. The technicality of each piece will change your running game as soon as you realize what you’ve been missing out on. Here at Running Warehouse, we have found that Craft changes the way you think about using a baselayer. We could go on and on about how amazing these pieces feel, but ultimately you won’t fully understand until you try it for yourself.


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