Cool September Mornings Are For Running Capris

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It’s September! The month when it is officially acceptable to start thinking about fall. Not only acceptable – advisable. Your early morning run is getting darker by the day. And if you’re an evening runner, the same goes for you. The weather is also starting to get a little finicky. It’s that awkward in-between time when it’s too cool for shorts and too warm for tights. So where do you turn? Capris. Here are our top picks for Fall 2016.

asics_w_printed_capri_1ASICS Women’s Printed Capri – MSRP: $50.00

You wouldn’t be caught dead wearing plain black capris. You LOVE that these contrasting prints work together in a way that gives off a very chic look. With black mesh panels that provide added ventilation (so you won’t get too warm), the colorful design gets broken up a little, adding some structure to the otherwise all-over print design. The soft, stretch fabric provides tight support to just past your knees.

brooks_w_streaker_capri_1Brooks Women’s Streaker Capri – MSRP: $85.00

You are all about the feel of your running clothes. The seamless construction of these capris will have you believing they’re just an extra layer of skin. The gradient look is easy on the eyes and provides a subtle splash of color. The wide, super thin waistband lays completely flat against your skin, providing a secure hold and absolutely no dig-in.

asics_w_knee_tight_1ASICS Women’s Knee Tight – MSRP: $36.00

Sometimes you just need function, nothing more, and at a low price point. Basic isn’t bad, in fact it’s just perfect for those daily training miles when bells and whistles would just be annoying. Every girl needs her basic black capri, because it looks good with anything.

nb_w_premium_perf_fashion_capri_2New Balance Women’s Premium Performance Fashion Capri – MSRP: $85.00

If the capri length isn’t your jam, here’s the faux capri (that’s actually a crop!) for you. It’s longer, hitting on your lower calf. This crop from New Balance features a beautiful print, but just in panels on each leg and at the waistband, so it isn’t overpowering. The panels along with the primarily black fabric create a shaping illusion. Side stash pockets conveniently fit gels (and the wrappers when you’re done with them).

oiselle_w_kc_knickers_1Oiselle Women’s KC Knickers – MSRP: $68.00

Not even Rule 40 can silence you when you’re wearing these bold babies. This rendition of the quintessential red, white, and blue is quite possibly the most stylish way we’ve ever seen it. The geometric pattern is eye catching and patriotic. Besides looks, these knickers get the job done. With a softness that is so Oiselle, along with a little zippered pocket at your hip, this capri is a winner, podium or not.

nike_w_epic_lux_capri_2Nike Women’s Epic Lux Capri – MSRP: $95.00

This classic capri has been in the Nike line for a while, but it’s a winner each and every season. The Epic Lux Capri is all about style, shaping, and support. If you’ve ever tried on any of the bottoms from the Epic Lux line from Nike, then you’ll know it’s a worthy splurge. The fabric of these capris provides heavenly hold and shaping, with lines that add contour and shape in all the right places and the most luxurious fabric that Nike has to offer.

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