Bottoms Up: Capris for Your Body Type

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straight, hourglass, athletic, pear

Straight, Hourglass, Athletic, Pear

Every woman out there has her own unique shape, and we understand how tricky it can be to find running capris that flatter different figures. To help you find a great capri for your hard-working legs, we had four Running Warehouse ladies test out a ton of capris to find the most flattering options for different body types…check out our results below!

Straight (far left)

Your waist and hip measurements are very similar, and you have few curves. A capri that hugs your body all the way down will highlight your slim figure and a color contrast detail down the side can create the illusion of gentle curves. Our top choice: Mizuno Exodus ¾ Tight

Hourglass (middle left)

You are shaped…well, like an hourglass. Your bust and hip measurements are similar, and your waist is defined. A snug capri lets you flaunt your feminine curves. Our top choice: Sugoi Jackie Knicker

Athletic (middle right)

You have broad shoulders, narrow hips and a fair amount of muscle definition in your legs. Opt for either a flared capri to balance your top half, or a more form-fitting capri to accentuate your sculpted gams. Our top choice: Saucony LX Mod Tight Capri

Pear (far right)

You have a curvaceous bottom half, and are more petite up top. Reach for a capri that has a straight-leg fit to keep your top half in proportion and flatter your booty-licious bottom half. Our top choice: Moving Comfort Flow Capri

If you’re looking for more fierce options for your bottom half, check out the rest of our capri selection at Running Warehouse.

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