Benefits of 2-in-1 Women’s Running Shorts

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2-in-1 shorts don’t get a whole lot of love these days in the running apparel business. It’s nothing personal, it’s just not a really popular style. But who cares about so-called popularity? It’s not a fashion show out there, folks. The most important thing is to find running apparel pieces that enhance your running experience. That being said, there are some real benefits to wearing 2-in-1 running shorts, and I’m here to spread the love.

Less chafing

Having that added layer helps protect my thighs as they rub together with each stride. As a lady with no thigh gap and no desire for one, it’s just an occupational hazard. They’re gonna rub, folks! And having a bit of longer fabric between my legs adds a ton of comfort and helps avoid hot spots and chafed skin where the sun don’t shine.


Short tights are often preferred to help prevent chafing, but if you like to carry things with you on your run (nutrition, keys, cards, etc.) you will be hard pressed to find a short tight with much storage. 2-in-1 shorts, on the other hand, provide that short tight protection and usually come with storage for your small essentials.

No Ride-Up

Before I tried 2-in-1 shorts, I used to purchase a short tight to wear under an outer shell short. The problem I faced was that as I ran, the outer shell would ride up, not gripping well onto the short tight underneath. This was not only unflattering, but uncomfortable. 2-in-1 shorts are attached to each other, which helps prevent unsightly ride-up.


The fact that the stretchy inner short has me covered as I run allows me to feel more comfortable about wearing a short with a shorter inseam length. The tighter short underneath clings to my body, allowing my outer short to be more flowy for a flattering profile with no fear of indecent exposure.

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