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When it’s long run day, you’re going to need to bring some nutrition along with you to keep yourself properly fueled throughout your 2-3 hour run. Runners have a few options when it comes to nutrition storage – a belt, within your hydration pack or handheld bottle, or pockets found on your shorts. The ASICS Men’s Distance 5″ Shorts presents an alternative with loops designed to carry your gels and provide easy access. This is a great feature, in theory, but we had to test it out to see if it works. We had Connor, an avid runner and RW employee, try the ASICS Men’s Distance 5″ Shorts and here are his thoughts.

DSC02994What features stood out to you?
The storage capacity of these shorts was one of the first things that stood out to me. The waistband loops allowed me to carry up to 6 gel packets and there is also a spacious zippered back pocket. The lightweight materials are also another benefit of the shorts and gave the shorts a high quality feel. The fabric felt silky and soft – a lot better than some of the more standard pairs of shorts I own. For having a 5 inch inseam, I was also surprised that I didn’t really notice the longer length that much, as I usually run in a shorter inseam. Overall, these shorts felt very natural when running.

How was the gel storage? Did it hold securely?
When it comes to easy-access gel storage, there is no better option. There are 3 loops above the left and right hip that can each hold 1 gel (6 total) and each loop has a sticky perforated material on the inside that seems to lock the gel in place. The gels did not come loose and were actually not noticeable once I started running.

Was it easy to access the gels along your run?
Yes, I could easily pull gels out of the loop during my run. I also found that when I first put my gels into the loops at the start of my run, putting them in “upside down” was a better fit and kept the gel packets from poking into my sides. I’m particularly sensitive to that sort of thing, it might not bother everyone, but I don’t like to have anything extra rubbing me as I run.

DSC02985How were the pockets? What could you hold in them?
The back zippered pocket has plenty of storage room for extra gels, but with the 6 gel loops, I would probably not need more gels for any given run. Instead, it is perfect for a key, to discard used gel packets, and maybe ID/credit card. For the front pockets, I ended up tucking the ends of the GU packets I was storing in the loops into the top of each pocket, but other then that, I was having a hard time finding a comfortable use for them. I tried putting a single gel packet in them and due to their shape they just bounced around and felt uncomfortable. You could also store used gel wrappers in these pockets.

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