Apparel Spotlight: Pearl Izumi Men’s Pursuit Endurance Short Sleeve

You’re going for a long run. It’s hot out. You don’t have time or energy to deal with a running shirt that is going to cause you to overheat.

When it comes to technical excellence, the Pearl Izumi Men’s Pursuit Endurance Short Sleeve shirt is built to keep you focused on your run, not on how hot it is.

Keeping it Cool


PI_m_pursuit_endurance_short_sleeve_3But not just any mesh. Open mesh makes up a large percentage of this top, but without the “I’m wearing a sheer shirt” affect. With thoughtfully arranged open mesh panels, air flow is increased at the upper chest, back, and side panels. More air flow = more cooling.

Ice-fil technology

Transfer Dry Fabric with Ice-fil treatment not only wicks moisture away from your skin as you perspire, but also aids in the cooling process as your sweat hits the fabric. When Ice-fil treated fabric gets wet from your sweat, it creates a cooling sensation against your skin.

Half zip

We wonder why the short sleeve half zip style is so popular in Europe and yet avoids catching fire here in the states… The half-zip feature provides quick, easy, adjustable ventilation, and that can make a big difference when you’re off the grid and really feeling the heat. When unzipped, you open up your chest to greatly increased air flow. And like we said before, more air flow = more cooling. Maybe those European runners are really on to something?

Bonus Features

PI_m_pursuit_endurance_short_sleeveStorage without bounce

Pockets in running shirts are cool and everything, but they lose their value when they bounce uncomfortably on the run. The fitted construction of this shirt ensures that storing a few gels in the envelope chest pocket will be held securely as you run.

Reflective seams

Not only are the seams moved forward to help prevent any uncomfortable chafing on the shoulder, but those seams are also reflective, allowing you to be super visible in low-light conditions as you run.

Sun protection

The heat isn’t the only obstacle the sun throws at you. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s harmful rays is dangerous, and the UPF 50+ rating on the main body provides an extra barrier to keep your skin protected.



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