Altra’s Packable Windbreaker Fits Around Your Pack

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Altra heard the outcry for a jacket that allows pack access, and that’s why they designed the Altra Packable Windbreaker. Its innovative design gives you the freedom to keep running, whatever the weather.

img_2770This super lightweight jacket comes folded into a pouch on a clip-on belt that you wear like a fanny pack. When light rain begins to fall or a blustery wind starts to pick up, you can simply unfold the jacket from the belt. This jacket makes it easy to access your jacket on the run.

The other solution this jacket provides is access to your pack while wearing a jacket. The rear opening of the windbreaker fits easily around your pack and velcros securely at the bottom. You can then access contents from the back of your pack with ease, as if you had your pack on top of your jacket.

If the weather gets better and you no longer need to wear the jacket, you can easily un-velcro the back, pull it back over your head, off your arms, and pack it back into the belt as it was before.

This jacket is rated for light wind and rain, not a crazy winter storm. Because there is a hole in the back for your pack to fit through, it makes sense that there is not going to be a tight seal, but your front and shoulders are well protected. It’s perfect for running in the mountains when the weather may change quickly and unexpectedly, and when running for ultra long distances, where you may experience a variance in weather throughout your run.


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