2UNDR Power Shift 3” Running Underwear Review

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To be upfront, I generally run in split shorts with built-in liners. The last time I ran in underwear was during my freshman year of high school. However, my co-worker, Justin, regularly runs in performance underwear and describes the Power Shift boxers as “the best performance underwear I’ve ever tried.” With that in mind, I decided that the best way to commemorate the occasion of testing out the 2UNDR Power Shift 3” Trunk Cut boxers was to bust out my faded-green PE shorts for a 60-minute run.

The initial feel of the Power Shift boxers is silky smooth, and, as advertised, the Joey Pouch™ Construction does support your equipment in comfort. While the sensation of having more fabric on my legs was different, I didn’t feel inhibited, and whereas a 60-minute run on a hot and breezy afternoon in the wrong pair of shorts might lead to chafing, I was completely chafe-free. I even put my hands down my shorts at our turnaround point (my teammates can attest to the reality of this statement) and checked for moisture buildup. There was none. The lack of chafing was the most notable part of my experience though, and it got my wheels turning. For five years I have had a pair of half tights that I cannot wear for runs lasting longer than 20 to 25 minutes. Any more than that ensures a whole mess of chafing on the delicates. So, I put the Power Shift’s to the test and wore them underneath the devastating half tights for a 45 minute run on a warm weekend morning. To break down the math unnecessarily, I hope, this was about two times longer than I would normally run in these tights. And the result? Nada. I felt nothing. They performed beautifully. I can now work that pair of half tights into my rotation instead of keeping them as an emergency-only option.

Other features that are worth noting are the rear mesh panel and the waistband. The mesh is silky-soft and highly breathable for rapid, comfortable sweat dispersal, and the waistband is similarly soft with a secure but non-pinching hold.

For all of the above reasons, I would recommend the 2UNDR Power Shift 3” boxers to anyone looking for a pair of technical running boxers. I will hazard a guess that I’m not the only person who can benefit from wearing them.

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