2016 Buying Guide: Sports Bras for Sizes D, DD (E), and F

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Image courtesy of @enellsportsbras on Instagram

If I had a nickel for every time a girlfriend of mine told me that she had the worst time finding a sports bra for running because of her bra size, I would be rich. Okay, I wouldn’t be rich, because let’s be honest, a nickel isn’t what it used to be. But you get the point – it’s a real struggle, and it’s all too common. And if I had a dime for every time a homegirl told me she layered sports bras to get a better feeling of support… it’s a travesty. Women don’t feel like they have options when it comes to sports bras once they reach a certain size. I’m here today to give you hope.

So for those of you who have been long in search of the sports bra to literally change your running life (or to give you a running life), here are a list of our go-to recommendations and customer favorites for sizes D-F.

Size D

Top pick

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Image courtesy of Moving Comfort

Juno by Moving Comfort

Meet our number one best seller. The Juno is incredibly supportive and comes in a variety of colors, so go ahead and buy a few*. Sized up to DD, this bra comes up high in the front and has thick shaped straps to provide comfortable lift and hold.

*FYI, the rule of thumb is to have three sports bras. One to wear, one in the hamper, and one in the wash. ALSO, the lifespan of a given bra is one year. #themoreyouknow

Runner up

Shockingly Unshocking by New Balance

Another favorite is this high impact sports bra by New Balance. Easier to get on and off thanks to the hook and eye back closure and open bra back design, this bra is also a winner this season for the stylish print option.

Size DD (E)

Top pick

Jubralee by Moving Comfortjubralee

D and DD (also, E)* find great success with the Jubralee silhouette. The band of this bra is where the most of the support comes from, so you’ll want it to fit as comfortably snug as possible. The front of the Jubralee is rigid, so once you get the ladies in there adjusted, they aren’t going anywhere. Reducing horizontal and vertical motion, this bra is designed to keep the girls high and tight. You’re welcome.

**Size DD is equivalent to size E. It differs between manufacturers.

Runner up

Maia by Moving ComfortScreen Shot 2016-08-17 at 11.56.38 AM

If you’re looking for a bra with some extra reinforcement on the top, the Maia is built with heavy-duty stabilizer fabric, which helps limit upward movement. Part of what makes running so exhausting for women is this upward movement that happens naturally as you run. Maia helps keep the ladies locked down, and also features an underwire for added support.

Size F

Top pick

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Image courtesy of @enellsportsbras on Instagram

Enell Women’s Sports Bra

F stands for how F-ing ridiculously hard it is to find a good sports bra that comes in size F. But here we are, to show you there is hope. The Enell provides a ton of back and posture support. The fabric is surprisingly silky and feels soft next-to-skin. Which is great because the last thing you need is some uncomfortable fabric to chafe you while you get your run on.

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